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Hands down BEST Local Courier Service in Canada/U.S Give us a Call, Text, or DOWNLOAD the App to book your delivery NOW!

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Same Day Delivery Service

It always happens - when you’re not looking, love comes knocking. You’ve finally found the perfect guitar, television console, for your hallway, and it’s on sale! But you have your car and it won’t fit in the trunk. You can have the store deliver it to your house for a ridiculous price, call on some family or friends who have SUVs, or, you can save time and money and schedule a Pickup, on demand, right from your app. While it’s being loaded and delivered to your doorstep, celebrate your new purchase with 1% back in $LBCC Rewards, a coffee and some free time on your way home!


Become A Store Partner

Having an extra set of hands is always helpful. Now you can service more customers faster by using Lightbeam Courier to have their purchases delivered right to their doorstep. Store Partners also have the option to receive 1% back in $LBCC from their monthly bill!

Enjoy the option of receiving 5% off your monthly bill buy paying with LBCC!


Deliver Anything, 24/7 

Lightbeam Courier on-demand service ensures you won’t ever be stuck at a store again, organizing pick up for something that doesn’t fit in your car. Ran errands earlier and forgot diapers? Don’t worry - we got you covered. Worked a night shift at the hospital and can’t make it to the grocery store? Don’t worry - we got you covered too. Lightbeam Courier is available 24/7* to ensure whatever you need gets delivered to you. Life happens, and we’re here to make it easier for you.


Nationwide Shipping

Need that important document or parcel delivered to Alberta or Nova Scotia next day by 9am from Toronto, fear not! Lightbeam Courier is here to save you the hassle of leaving your work or home situation. A qualified Lightbeam Courier Driver will come to pick up your parcel and we will have it shipped out from our location using one of our 3rd party shippers, and tracking number will be sent to you via email! 


Become A Lightbeam Courier Driver and Earn

So your favourite tune is on the radio and the weather is hot. You want to lower your window to feel the summer breeze and crank it up a notch. Now you can with Lightbeam Courier! Make your side hustle or full time gig a little more fun. No more driving people around. Earn faster. Earn more.Click Here To Become A Driver

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Participating customers receive 5% off their monthly bill by paying with $LBCC, as well as receive 1% of their purchases back in $LBCC which can then be used as:

  • Discounts for future deliveries 

  • FREE deliveries

  • TRADE for other crypto currencies (BTC,ETH, etc.)

  • SHOP the Lightbeam Courier store

  • Store as VALUE 

  • HODL and much more! (More utilities in future announcements from the company)

 Immediate shipping / Pre-Scheduled / Same Day / Overnight

  • Door to Door Service 

  • Businesses or residential  

  • Small or large Items/Parcels

  • Letters 

  • Legal documents

  • Regular, Rush or Direct Service.

  • Automotive parts. 

  • Medical Supplies

  • And MORE...


TRY LIGHTBEAM Courier ! 647-453-9074 











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