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Become a Lightbeam Courier 'Store Partner'


Let’s make local pick up & deliveries for your Corporate enterprise, Restaurant, Retail, Medical establishment and more; faster & easier by becoming a 'Lightbeam Courier Store Partner’ 🏬


With access to over 3.6 Million drivers throughout Canada/U.S the time has never been better to join our fast-growing list of Store Partners! ✨


Leave us your details below to receive more information including pricing and to discuss your delivery needs, our team will get back to you in Lightbeam Time!

Benefits of Becoming a Store Partner

Your 1st Delivery FREE!

Sign up to be a Lightbeam Courier 'Store Partner' now & get your first delivery up to 25km (15 Miles) FREE!*

Discounted Rates

Receive discounted rates based on the volume of deliveries your establishments makes per month (Pricing Chart will be sent to you once form below is filled out*)


Monthly Billing 

Store Partners are billed monthly helping to conserve on their businesses monthly cashflow 

Get Highlighted

Beginning November 1st 2023 new and existing Store Partners will be added to out 'Shop Local with Lightbeam' section of our App which will allow users of the Lightbeam Courier App to view your establishment and select items or products you offer, with the option to make an order and have it delivered in Lightbeam Time!



Since January 2nd 2022 we have been issuing the 'Lightbeam Courier Coin' as a reward token for customers (customers that opt-in*) that use our delivery service either through the Lightbeam Courier App or website.


Participating customers receive 5% off their monthly bill by paying with $LBCC, as well as receive 1% of their purchases back in $LBCC which can then be used as:


  • DISCOUNTS for future deliveries  

  • FREE deliveries

  • TRADE for other crypto currencies (BTC,ETH, etc.)

  • SHOP the LBCCRewards Store for Digital and Physical items (LBCCRewards.Store)

  • Store as VALUE 

  • HODL

  • And much more! (Look out for news on more utilities in future announcements from us!)

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