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Integrate your Shopify Account with Lightbeam Courier for Smart Local Delivery Management

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Lightbeam Courier and Shopify integration brings guaranteed ROI and puts your business operations on autopilot. Every time you receive an order on Shopify it will automatically be pushed to Lightbeam Courier and further auto-assigned to our delivery partners (drivers). This automation saves you time while ensuring that your customers are always up-to-date about their delivery status.


Lightbeam Courier automatically:

  • Pushes the order from Shopify to Lightbeam Courier.

  • Allocates the order to the delivery partner (driver) with time and location details of the delivery.

  • Sends SMS and email to the customer about their delivery status.

  • Sends a live tracking link to the customer when the delivery partners (driver) starts the task.

  • Notifies you when the delivery is made successfully.


The integration process is very simple and takes only a few minutes to set up.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Go to your Shopify admin account

Step 2: Click on Settings in the left panel

Step 3: Click on Notifications in the menu

Step 4: Scroll down and click on the Create A Webhook button

Step 5: In the Add a Webhook pop-up, click on the Event drop-down. Select the ‘Order Fulfillment’ if you want to pass the order to Lightbeam Courier on order fulfillment. Leave the format to JSON

Step 6: For the API key, contact Lightbeam Courier support via (

Step 7: Replace the API key at the end of this link with your API key: key Provided by Us)


Step 8Copy the complete link and paste it into the URL field, then click on Save Webhook button.

Note: If an order is cancelled on Shopify, to automatically cancel it with Lightbeam Courier please set up a webhook with key provided by Us) and

That’s it.


You can click on send test notification to test the integration and send a test order from Shopify to Lightbeam Courier.

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