Lightbeam Courier Coin
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We are proud to announce the creation of the Lightbeam Courier Coin  


Token Name: Lightbeam Courier Coin

Token Symbol: $LBCC

Mainnet: Binance Smart Chain Network (BEP20) (BSC)

Total Supply: 1,000,000 Max Amount

Token Supply Breakdown:

-900,000 (90%) Tokens LOCKED on November 25th 2021 - Until 11/21/2024 (

-50,000 (5%) Tokens LOCKED on November 27th 2021 - Until 12/17/2024 (

-30,000 (3%) Tokens held in secure wallet for Marketing and Development

-20,000 (2%) Tokens in circulation or in secure wallet to be distributed as rewards beginning January 2nd, 2022

Locked Coins: 100% of Liquidity will be locked on December 15th 2021

Dev Fund: 3% marketing & development

Token Burn: Our 1st Token Burn will occur November 21st 2024 when locked tokens are released.

Token Contract: 0x12D76741F56FfdE15D0da9865c05089425337AaB


Telegram Group:


Beginning January 2nd 2022 we will begin issuing the Lightbeam Courier Coin as a reward token for customers that use our delivery service either through our Lightbeam Courier App or via our website. Our customers can then use these coins as a discount for future deliveries or FREE delivery; as well as TRADE, store as VALUE or HODL!!

In Late 2022 we plan to increase adoption of the coin to other courier companies, as a way for their customers to use the value of the coin to book pick ups and/or deliveries at a discounted rate!


The exchange below can be used to SWAP your current cryptos for Lightbeam Courier Coin or Vice Versa before our OFFICIAL LAUNCH on January 22nd 2022.

Get yours NOW and be a part of something NEW! 





Best Regards,

Lightbeam Courier Team