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Make it love at first sight with every unboxing with our Lightbeam Courier  mailer boxes.

  • Currently 3 sizes available
  • 1/16" white E-flute cardboard
  • Vivid, full-colour printing and Lightbeam Courier™ Logo
  • Durable, with front-tuck closure

Lightbeam Courier Mailer Box Samples: Looking to see a pre-printed box before ordering your own custom design? Request a sample by emailing


A variety of options
Currently available in 3 sizes (Expanding size options soon), our shipping boxes are made of corrugated E-flute cardboard, sturdy enough to ship small to mid-sized items without the need for additional packaging. And the front-tuck opening creates an exciting moment with every unboxing.

Lightbeam Courier Mailer Boxes

PriceFrom C$762.30
Excluding GST/HST
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